What age range is suitable for Sleepover tents?

We would suggest from 7 years up to any age!  (If you would like to book a party for a child younger than 7 we would ask that children under 7 to be supervised at all times and if you would like to book for children over 12 years of age we would supply larger mattresses if required).

Does your company have insurance?

We have full public liability insurance.

What is the booking procedure?

Click on to our booking page on our website and fill out the booking form. We will respond as quickly as possible, usually within a couple of hours or the next day latest.

How much room do I need for the Teepees and the Tents?

1 metre x 2.4 metre each tent or teepee floor area. The overall width of each Teepee and Tent is 1 metre. The space required to cover the length of the mattress, the breakfast tray at the end and also space for access to the tents would be 2.4 metres. The tents can be set up next to each other in a line or opposite depending on the space available. If  there is not quite enough room we can also put a tray between each mattress for two children to share which would mean we would need an overall length of approximately 2 metres for the mattress and access space.

See two different examples of how five tents can be set up and how much space would be needed.


You provide a breakfast tray, does that mean children can eat in the tents?

Small snacks and sweets which may just produce crumbs are not a problem however we do ask that you be mindful of any types of food or drinks that could cause stains on the bed linens or tents. We provide breakfast trays to encourage children to eat any midnight snacks or drinks from the tray rather than eating or drinking inside the tents.


How do I make a payment?

A £30 holding deposit is required on booking to secure the party date.
The total amount for the party is due 24 hours prior to the party to ensure cleared funds. Payments can be paid by online bank transfer to the following account
NatWest – Glamping Slumber Parties – Act no 81528949 – Sort Code 600947 –  Ref Your name


What happens if there is any damage to any of the hire equipment including the tents and teepee’s?

We ask for a £30.00 holding deposit on booking and this will be fully refunded into your bank the day we collect our equipment from you. If any damage has occurred however to any of our equipment we will advise the cost of replacement or repair to the item and if it is less than the £30.00 holding deposit we will reimburse you the difference.
To help to avoid this we ask that children are supervised and that nail varnish is kept away from the tents and to ensure nails are completely dry before going into the tents and also if the older children are wearing any make up that it is washed off before snuggling up in bed. We have had instances where nail varnish and make up have been an issue and more recently also slime which has stained bed linen and has had to be fully replaced. We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.

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